Corey McCown

A computer science student and web developer in the Greater Atlanta Area
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My primary goal is to continue to expand my knowledge in the ever growing field of information technology.


I.T. Service Desk Technician I – University of North Georgia

August 2013 - Present

Developed and maintain numerous applications for use in an enterprise environment, including UNIX and web based applications. Develop and deploy Windows operating system images. Assist and work closely with a team providing tier I and tier II technical support for all campuses of the university. Removal of malicious software. Software and hardware troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Freelance Development – Corey McCown Designs

March 2010 - Present

Developed multiple web based applications using PHP, MySQL, JQuery / JavaScript, and other web architectures. Development includes social media, ecommerce and forum communities. Designed numerous company logos and other graphic design experience.


Developed a number of applications, ranging from web to mobile platforms. Experience with multi-tasking in a busy environment. Worked closely with and trained small teams. Completed team building activities and training.

Technology : Experience in enterprise application development and support. Experience in configuring Linux file and web servers. Experience building advanced web-based and mobile applications. Advanced coursework in information security policy and management. Advanced understanding of Windows. Familiarity with Macintosh and Linux Distributions. Troubleshooting and diagnostics of hardware and software.

Familiar Scripting Platforms : PHP, SQL, JavaScript / JQuery, Java, C++, Python, HTML / CSS, Visual Basic .NET

Familiar Development Environments : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Unity3D, Eclipse, Android Studio, Apple XCode, Microsoft Visual Studio

Customer Support : Excellent oral and written communication. Experience providing customer service through telephone, email, text message, instant messaging and social media platforms.


A number of my projects are available for viewing online. My projects include each of the following categories:

Web Application Development

Completed advanced coursework in web development. Experience in developing in a variety of languages, both server-side and client-side, including: PHP, SQL, JavaScript / JQuery, HTML and CSS, as well as setting up a Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) Stack on Linux Servers, including CentOS7 and Ubuntu. Experience in designing fully responsive websites.

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The Quad Connection

Developed an ATV community to be used for offering support, sharing modifications, and offering a place to share owner's manuals for easy-to-access download and viewing. In the first month, received over 2,500 posts and 150,000 website hits. Designed using Simple Machine Forums.
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Your Student Discount

Created a social-based website that allows businesses near college campuses to register and advertise student discount offers. Developed using WordPress and BuddyPress, as well as a modified responsive child theme.
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Mobile Application Development

Completed advanced coursework in mobile application development. Familiar with both Android and iOS frameworks. Successfully applications built using Apple XCode (Objective C) and Android Studio, as well as Unity3D. Understanding of secure server-client communications.

Successfully implemented an augmented reality mobile application using the Qualcomm Vuforia libraries and Unity3D. View project on GitHub.

Video Game Development

Experience privately developing both mobile and computer video games using the Unity3D game engine. Basic to complex game design optimized for both mobile and browser compatibility. Developed advanced graphical user interfaces for mobile devices through desktops, all resolutions. Server-client communication with Linux-based web servers, including downloadable game content, high scores, user credential management, profile statistics and shared/serialized level data.

Software Engineering

Coursework and experience in software development and engineering, which includes the agile development lifecycle. Experience in working in a Scrum development environment. Coursework and familiarity with object oriented languages, including C++ and Java. Data structures and algorithms studied, including systems algorithms such as neural networks and search methods. Familiarity in .NET frameworks, specifically Visual Basic in Microsoft Visual Studio.


University of North Georgia – Dahlonega, GA

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (May 2016)
Minor in Mobile Application Development

Upper Level Computer Science Courses Studied : Web Programming, Mobile Application Development, Data Structures and Analysis, Programming Languages, Software Development, Software Engineering, Information Security, Management of Information Security, Intelligent Systems, Embedded Systems, Object Oriented Systems, Operating Systems and File Organization.

Computer Science GPA : 3.86 / 4.00


A+ Certified Technician – CompTIA

March 2015

Certification validates core understanding of hardware and software technologies in an enterprise environment and verifies the skills necessary to provide support for complete information technology infrastructures.

CompTIA A+ Certification Badge

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